About Us


We have 25 years of experience in the sales of electrical equipment. Providing high-quality products through-out the UK and across Europe. 

We currently have more than 2,500 types of products available for sale, including Illuminations, Electronics, Digital Accessories and Batteries. Many of which are now available in our flagship Manchester Arndale Shopping Centre location.


Over the years we have built a strong, collaborative and focused team at all levels of the company, and we understand that it is very important for our ongoing success.

Human Resources Policy

Extrastar has always focused its talent, and based on corporate culture and local culture to create a harmonious environment. In addition, the company could provide excellent platform for all employees to have professional development.

Employee Training

Extrastar attaches great importance to the cultivation of talents. Therefore, the company provides a training platform to enhance the professional skills of employees and let every employee prove their value and work together to create a beautiful future.



Our Vision
We want to be recognised by leading companies as a best supplier for our customers to solve complex problems

Our Mission
our mission is to support our customers and find help them find their advantage and achieve a win-win situation.

Our strategy
We strive to improve the quality of our products to enhance our long-term profitable growth and stand out in European market . Through this strategy, we could know the value of the market and where we are accredited and the resources we need to improve the brand value and recognition of our products. As the basic elements of our strategy, we pay attention to:
Customer satisfaction
recognition from customer
High quality service and product
Effective management
high quality service


ExtraStar Wholesale Booth at a Trade Show, showcasing a diverse range of high-quality lighting and electrical products

For Wholesale Customers:

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A retail customer, a man, ordering lighting and electrical products from home via the ExtraStar retail website on his phone.

For Retail Customers:

Explore our extensive range of products available for direct purchase. Enjoy the convenience of shopping our top-quality items from the comfort of your home.

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